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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 20, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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just got out of rehab. >> that's ludacris. >> and we might have casting news on a hulk hogan biopick. >> that's ludacris. >> who do we have in the house? >> ludacris. >> that's right. i'm taking over the entire show. that's what i'm going to do. >> you have a film career, a music career, a chicken and waffle business and headphone, why do you need it? >>ic never have enough. >> point taken. >> ludacris in the building. let's get this show started with our folks in l.a. take it away heidi and frank. >> no big surprise here but kim kardashian is back in the news. apparently she posted a picture of instagram of a present and a note she received from katie couric. and # i hate -- may you not send gifts and then talk --. katie couric said may i humbly
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suggest you carry on the k tradition and name something with a k. she sent a present even though she's bashing kim k. in a recent in-touch magazine. i guess that -- kim kardashian off. somebody sent you a card. who cares. >> i don't think it's a slam. >> katie did apologize saying i didn't mean to hurt her feelings. the gift is ygenuine and hopefully everything is fine. >> if you're kim kardashian, you have to have thick skin when it comes to that statement. >> one of them has thicker skin than the other, that's all i'm saying. >> bruce jenner. >> looks like women i've dated. looks like an old lesbian. >> looks like women you've dated? >> not recently, but i had a rough year. what's your name, ellen? it's fine. >> it's bruce. >> okay. whatever.
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>> all right, thanks, l.a. now i have the most important kardashian news. over the weekend it was kim' sister's birthday. she celebrated her sweet 16 birthday party. kim kardashian wasn't there but she did her normal i'm going to do a video and show you from here on up because i don't want to show my stomach right now. drake performed, big sean was there. if i had a sweet 16 party, this is how i'd want to do it. >> this is the first time big sean has been spotted since the attack. >> which attack do you speak of here? >> the one gets him on his racket. [ laughter ] >> he's okay. >> so it wasn't a party, it was an alice in wonderland theme. >> why would she give an alice and wonder land party. >> the difference is she's a jenner. >> what is a male stripper, a dude that scared --
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>> some other girl should have had on bikinis and boys should have had on thongs and should have did that. we sitting here playing like we're just going to disappear. lamar was not there. kanye was not there. why was lamar not there? >> he proent e probably went to pick up stuff when the party started and never came back. >> glad it's not chicken and waffles or something. that's what i would say. >> ludacris, would you perform at a sweet 16 party? >> i've performed at plenty sweet 16 parties. >> so it's chick 16 and she turns 16, do you kiss her on the cheek and say happy birthday. >> yeah, i kiss her on the cheek. >> like how you do that? >> ludacris. >> yeah, let's do it. [ laughter ] >> that's what we dish about. >> we going to wait for the cameras go off i'm going to give her a real kiss. >> last night oprah sat down with lindsay lohan on her network, own, so you probably didn't see it.
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and asked the hard hitting questions to miss lohan about her past and drug addiction and everything else. >> what else is different about this time in rehab versus all the other times? >> well, i don't think in the past i've ever fully surrendered to the fact that i just need to shut up and listen. >> yeah. she wore an orange dress. her skin color was about the same. >> she's just wearing orange. >> she looked good. >> been to court and everything else. >> they're sitting in an all white room and it is a little evil of oprah to choose a mirrored coffee table for the event. >> yeah, just throw it in her face. it's a nice table, isn't it, lindsay? what do you think of it? >> lindsay's scratching to herself. i don't know what you're talking about, oprah. >> remember, this is all setting oprah up because oprah will be following her around for a reality series. >> that's right. >> afterwards. and lindsay lohan's getting a huge paycheck for all of it. >> and they kept showing pictures of the rehab facility. >> yeah. >> i want a drug addiction. >> yeah. >> it's shocking that that place
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with a swimming pool and beautiful views and the lush greenery around it is bottom. that's rock bottom for lindsay lohan. >> that's an awesome vacation for most normal people. yeah. talk about the cocaine usage and here's lindsay's response. here's what she said about that. >> then i read that you said that you really hadn't done cocaine but three or four times. >> i really hadn't done it -- i really haven't done it more than ten to 15 times. of course i said three or four. i was terrified of being judged. >> uh-huh. so what is the truth? >> i've done it like ten to 15 times. [ laughter ] >> ten to 15 times in the last ten minutes. >> yeah, i was going to say, a night? >> maybe she was using some sort of calculus equation and ten to 15th power is what she meant. >> in my opinion the biggest confession that lindsay made was this right here. >> you're not on any prescription drugs? >> no.
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>> no? >> no. i take nexium because i have acid reflux. >> that's too much information. that's like telling us you need to take fiber pills. >> and it's supposed to be taken orally, not snorting it. doesn't help with the acid reflux, lindsay. >> the biggest smack of it's all about oprah came at the end of lindsay's talking about how she's going on a european vacation to do a yoga retreat, open trah tells her i don't thi you should go. >> i'm just asking you to consider that. >> okay. >> consider it. >> i'm going to. >> okay. >> instead of the end of the interview being a shot of either one of their faces, the screen goes black and it says, two days later lindsay canceled her european trip. >> oh, because of oprah. >> yes, all because of oprah. god tells you to do something and you do it. >> well, i have good news for
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everybody. there may be a hulk hogan movie, a biography of hulk hogan's life. they want chris hemsworth, the guy who played thor, to play hulk hogan. i say he's way too pretty. chris hemsworth is way too pretty. >> who should play hulk hogan? >> in a world where speedos and handlebar mustaches reign supreme. the hull kier they are. the harder they fall. coming this summer, or next fall, or if they ever decide to actually make this movie. heidi hamilton is hulk-amaniac. >> i'll tell you what you got to do, brother. you got to call me up on the phone, brother. and i'm going to play hulk hogan, brother. that's what you got to do. just give me a ringy-dingy. >> i nailed that audition. >> seriously, thank you so much. thank you.
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>> is hulk hogan and brooke hogan had a baby, it'd look like you. [ laughter ] >> that's right, brother. oh, you should hear my brett the hit man heart. >> "dish nation," we need laughs from you. take a look at today's photo of shaquille o neil and kevin hart. shaquille o neil finally wins custody. we'll pick your favorite and read it on friday show. caption this is powered by no-vation capital. >> what is ben affleck doing with his spare time? >> wi e we give you all the dish on lady gaga and perez hilton fight. >> one thing about fast and furious. >> what? >> that's what we dishin about. ♪ we are flintstones kids
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lady gaga and perez hilton are in a twitter feud. and things are getting incredibly nasty. so apparently this all started because he was talking a lot of crap about her new album and her new song "applause". >> they used to be besties, right? >> yeah. but they're not anymore. a fan tweeted lady gaga that he had seen perez hilton inside her new york city apartment building. well, that sent lady gaga off. >> what's up with hilton? is he actually stalking you? >> demanding to know if it was true she needed to know. then asked him to take a photograph. told him that she has called security to let this random twitter person into her building. >> i think it's good to know that if you want to get into a
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celebrity's house all you have to do is tweet them that somebody else is there and they'll grant you entry. >> i like that celebs don't call the police, they tweet. >> right. it's not going to be handled on twitter. >> and then she tells peres hilton in capital letters stay away from me and my family, you're sick try to rent an apartment in my building to stalk me. do i need to be shot in the head for people to understand that him and everyone else that harasses me has gone too far? i'm a human being. >> she has to remind everybody that she's human in her tweet. i'm just a human being. i was born out of an egg like everybody else. [ laughter ] >> peres said in his public statement that he released, i'm devastated and my heart hurts that my former very good friend, a person i used to call my wifey and travel the world with is making very public and very untrue things about me on twitter. >> what do you think lady gaga could have done to make him hate her so much? >> obviously stole his eyeliner. i mean, if they were going to
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handle this the old fashioned way in a boxing ring. >> oh. >> who would you put your money on? >> i'd put it on gaga i think. >> would you? >> yeah. i feel like she might actually box. i feel peres hilton is more of a slap fighter. >> that's what we're dishin about. ludacris has been hanging out with us. >> oh, yeah. >> a lot of people want to know, fast and furious 6 was one of the highest grossing films of 2013. seven is on the way. >> it is, man. >> what can you tell us? >> my contract doesn't allow me to really talk about. >> come on, dog. >> i'm sorry. i don't want to mess up what i have going. therefore i would love to be able to tell y'all something, but i can't. >> but this is "dish nation" and we always dish about it first. and you're like family, so you're supposed to tell us. >> yeah, but i don't want to be the black man to die in the movie first. so i can't dish a thing. >> it jason stateman going to be in this movie. >> give me one second. let me think about this. no, i'm sorry, i can't tell you
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about it. >> he's not going to be in the movie? >> no. i don't know anything. i can't tell you. >> what about james in the saw movies and did the conjuring that made a lot of money and no money. >> i can't tell you. >> they also tell us that this movie is going to take us back to tokyo and connect the event of tokyo drift. will bow wow be in this movie? >> i didn't hear nothing about this. >> y'all can't be badgering this dog. you could tell us something though. [ laughter ] >> who's going to be taking their shirt off? >> i have no idea. hopefully some women. >> is will smith going to be in the movie? >> man, i don't know. >> now, there was a rumor that sam yell l. jackson will be your boss in the upcoming movie. >> now y'all are making stuff up. i don't know none of this stuff. >> you confirmed that to not be true so we actually did get something out of you. >> all right. i'll tell y'all one thing about fast and furious 7, i can't tell
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you a -- thing. >> next, in reality bites, the new show reminds us that in big time wrestling the only thing that's faker than the wrestling are the bobs. >> we tell you how to -- one mi million mobs. yourur mama's so fat. >> that's what we're dishin about. where is flo? anybody know where flo is? are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot.
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computers. hit us up on facebook and twitter welcome back to "dish nation." we've got the answer to our dish celebrity squish. our dish celebrity squish is justin long and amanda cypress or amanda and c long. a lot of you thought marilyn manson was involved, but you
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can't squish a squid. here's a sneak peek about our next dish celebrity squish. let us know on facebook and twitter at #dishsquish. back in june the group, one million moms, this is like the conservative group of moms that are kind of the watchdog over media to protect their children. well, they freaked out over the craft, let's get zest ty campaign, remember that one featuring the shirtless man with the salad dressing. >> they freaked out because it made them feel funny in a part of their body that hasn't felt funny in a while. >> they wanted to shut this man down, but thanks to their complaints, there's more zesty guys for everybody. >> yeah, nice. >> see, the campaign's photographer said one million moms generated so much interest in advertisements that had already run their course breathing a second life into zesty. that leads me to say, thank you one million moms. thank you. >> it backfired. what did they say was wrong with it? >> who knows. i mean, if i was always
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associating broccoli and dressing with this guy, heck yeah i'm going to eat my veggies. i mean, look at that man right there. >> do i need to get you a cucumber? >> oh. >> for the salad. come on. it's zesty. >> right. reality bites is a show called wwe total divas. tyson paying more attention to sports than his fiancee, so now gave him something to look at. >> sick of watching tv? >> yep. >> what am i wearing? nothing. is there something wrong? >> nothing's wrong. >> like i don't know if i have to dress up as daniel bryan for him to like notice me. it's making me feel like i'm not pretty or attractive. this is totally ridiculous. >> i don't know what's going on there, but he strikes me as somebody who would rather be in a locker room with his home boys. >> i don't get it. >> give that man space. sometimes he does not want to be bothered.
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>> he might be tired of wearing that thing out. wore it out already. >> dude did have a knee injury. there's only so much you can actually really do from that point on, you know? >> she's too obvious with it. like, you just can't come out and pose. you've got to, you know, do stuff by mistake. >> she need to come clothesline him or something like that. >> if she would have come out in a bra and different colored panties, then he might have been down for it. >> yeah, he was stroking the wrong cat. >> last night arian went for a breast implant consultation and asked trinity to join. while they were there trinity brought her boyfriend in the room for a little demonstration. >> they don't look fake at all. like, mine are not real, but i can show you if you want. you can touch one and you can touch one. >> my, god, where is this place? i want to go. >> it's super professional, don't you think?
4:21 am
>> women i think with the boobs like that, they're fake, they're not really that girl's boobs. >> it's still that girl's skin. >> might as well bring a stripper dress and didn't look like she was qualified. where's the white lab coat, something to give you credibility. >> at least put the coat on. >> the guy in the clip though he is like never seen boobs before. he turns around. he gets all weird. he looks like a 12-year-old boy. >> he had to play it like that or he would have been in trouble. >> that's not even believable because i know you in a situation like that, if that was you -- >> i'd be like. these are good, honey. [ laughter ] >> next, 60% of people say they like to do in the bedroom alone? who finally had the gall to like to[ female announcer ]lone? enjoying breakfast together is a pretty wonderful thing. but when you have a picky eater... won't touch this. it can be a bit of a dance. ♪
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won't touch this. ♪ won't touch -- stop. eggo time. [ female announcer ] eggo waffles can win over the pickiest of eaters so everyone can enjoy breakfast...together. can't touch this. ♪ [ girl ] l'eggo my eggo™. we have a bunch of big stories and just a little bit of time. and, you know, since jubal doesn't get to talk enough, we're giving him 60 seconds. that's it. here's headlines with jubal. >> value kill mer says betty white is his nemesis. betty white says her nemesis is incontinence. >> oh, sad. >> jennifer garner says ben affleck could go into politics if he wanted to. although he'd have to wait for matt damon to pave the way first.
4:23 am
there's a $95 million penthouse for sale in new york city. it comes complete with 14 rooms and all of the bathrooms are equipped with poor people tears. the average person spends 32 years on a diet. >> whoa. >> that is ridiculous. >> congrats to jessica simpson on not being average at all. good for her. 60% of people prefer to sleep alone, according to a new study. i'm telling you this just so jennifer anniston doesn't feel so bad. >> wow. glad that was only 60 seconds. 
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good morning. mor this is lick a carbon copy, c clouds out there -- and tryingny to shine through it all.ll it's a little bit more humid. so, maybe the fal weather wea has gone for the next couple days, good morning. mor i'm sarah, and welcome to fox 55 morning news. let's get a check on weather. wh >> i mean, ladies and gentlemen, are you okay? >> yeah, i'm a little -- ltl >> i have it, too.. >> people -- - >> well,. wl,.
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[laughter] >> i'm fine. let's go to the radar. we're in good shape, and we have a mix of clouds, and some clearing, and fog is developing. fog will be an issue here early. through 10 a.m. otherwise, not going to get anyy rain at all. a and once we burn the fog off, o highs in the upper 80's -- and 71, dull -- dulles, 64, and youd can see, temperatures, andture a they're comfortable. highs upper 80's, and sunshine h after morning fog.afmo looking good here, weather inn just a minute. >> thank you.nk y new this morning, another hazardous situation as thehe japanese power plant that was damaged two years ago.
4:26 am
>> highly radio active water has leaked into seeped into ground.o now workers are helping out the contaminated water, and they, d don't know how or where the leak started.started. the plant suffered several meltdowns, in 2011. 2 >> is court is indicting, the former president, charged with the ais nation. charges include murder, condition spear ay, not stoppinn the he appeared in court, and saysay not guilty.ui he was not only president butdeb also the head of the army in pakistan. >> the things are much quieter but the latest developmentopment threatening more turmoil. turmol >> he is under arrest, he was
4:27 am
captured near one of those sit e in caps. also, former president huge barrack could be free, and a court is ordering his release. e they are raising the risk ofis more clashes. >> more fallout of the latestats leak boy n.s.a. lawmakers are calling for more classified hearing, while one senator wants the supreme courtc to step in and, we're learningen more about the partner in the journalist. and fox has more.. >> the white house said leaks n.s.a. documents, how to gino stepped its authority.uthority. the fact that the 'washingtonint post' could be written in theen first place, is evidence that ta there is oversight. oversight. >> it was provided to theided to 'washington post' by snowden.
4:28 am
>> at london heath they are airport, was detained for nine hours, and electronic materialaa that contained more information was con files indicated, and, an they say they need more information. >> drill down about how these te programs are being operated. >> one senator wants the supreme court to take a look. l >> i think the constitutionaliti of these programs, needs to be questioned, and there needs to e be a supreme court decision.. >> break back did announce a ana series of steps to ease concerns about privacy rights. rht >> i will work with congress too pursue appropriate arm. a >> it was given a heads-up abouo the detention of london, and the reporter said, expect more
4:29 am
leaked documents, to be published soon. >> your weather, traffic, and top stories.ries >> "fox news" at 4:30 starts now. live look, you can feel thehe temperatures changing just angis little yesterday wasn't too bad and,add not bad at all and, we'll see if that point can continue.e. check and say good morning to >> welcome to fox morning news.w tug colonel --. tucker. tuck i feel it is different. >> really? >> in fact, you were probably ieeing it.


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